Indoor Air Quality, OSHA Compliance and Your Commercial HVAC in Altoona, PA

Indoor Air Quality, OSHA Compliance and Your Commercial HVAC in Altoona, PA

March 15, 2016

Are your employees suffering from headaches, eye irritation or fatigue? If so, your air quality might not be up to OSHA standards. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causes these symptoms as well as other issues such as lung irritation and problems with concentration. Temperature control, ventilation and humidity control all affect this air quality. Your HVAC in Altoona, PA plays a huge role in these factors. To ensure your workers’ safety, stay on top of HVAC maintenance and repair.

Adhere to standards

OSHA standards dictate that employers must provide their workers with an environment that does not pose a risk to their health. This includes standards regarding ventilation and air contaminants. An improperly maintained HVAC system fails to live up to these standards. If the system is not maintained, it cannot keep the air filtered from contaminants. Airflow is minimized. The overall result is a sub-standard work environment.

Keep employees healthy

As an employer, you have a responsibility to ensure your employees work under the conditions to which they are entitled by OSHA regulations. A failure to do so can result in serious illness such as pneumonia or asthma. Avoiding these situations offers a trio of benefits to employers. They adhere to OSHA standards, keep their employees healthy and they save money.

How? Healthy employees are also more productive employees. Unhealthy employees cost the company more in sick time, low productivity and insurance claims. Simply by investing a little in HVAC maintenance, you can save a lot in employee costs in the long run.

Keep employees happy

OSHA recommends humidity control between 20 percent and 60 percent. The recommended temperature range is 68-76 degrees. These ranges are healthiest for employees, and thus the most comfortable. Even if air conditions are clean, if your employees are not comfortable, the conditions are still poor. A workspace that varies greatly in temperature or is suffocating with humidity produces unhappy employees. When your commercial HVAC in Altoona, PA is able to maintain more pleasant conditions, employees are happier.

Avoid OSHA penalties

Employers who fail to adhere to OSHA standards can face a variety of repercussions. In addition to the obvious consequence of endangering workers, employers also risk fines or other penalties. A company may be assessed thousands of dollars in fees. Employers may be required to take OSHA safety courses. In some cases, production may be ceased until conditions are brought up to standard.

Employers should do everything they can to avoid these costly measures. One easy step is to simply maintain their commercial HVAC system.

Improve IAQ with HVAC

A healthy HVAC system is essential to maintaining IAQ. If the system does not receive regular service or proper maintenance for repairs, the air quality suffers. A clean filter, regularly cycling air, proper humidity removal and temperature control all affect the quality of the air your employees breathe. Allow your HVAC system to do its job of helping your employees breathe better by keeping it well maintained.

Prevent or fix IAQ problems with proper service to your commercial HVAC in Altoona, PA. Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. is ready to help you stay OSHA compliant. Schedule your service today to protect your employees tomorrow.

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