The Importance of Annual HVAC Service in Altoona, PA

The Importance of Annual HVAC Service in Altoona, PA

May 2, 2017

Have you scheduled your annual HVAC service yet? Most homeowners will forego annual maintenance because their HVAC seems to be functioning fine. But having your HVAC serviced annually by a professional may actually be more important that you think. Just like a car, your HVAC system is an intricate piece of equipment that requires regular maintenance to keep it running well. Breakdowns and the need for repairs are inevitable with regular usage. A professional inspection and service will help keep your unit running smoothly all season long without any untimely breakdowns.

Not convinced yet? Here are just a few of the benefits of annual HVAC service in Altoona, PA:

  • Improved lifespan: Like all appliances, your HVAC has a finite lifespan. Why not avoid having to replace your machine for as long as possible? The unit will experience improved function when it is regularly serviced and cleaned, which will lead to fewer broken parts and other issues. Regular maintenance keeps trouble from happening before it ever becomes a problem.
  • Increased energy efficiency: Annual preventative maintenance can increase the overall efficiency of your HVAC. During the service, your HVAC contractor will clean the blades, coils and other components. This will help it generate cool air more efficiently, utilizing less energy. As a result, you may notice a decrease in your monthly energy bill.
  • Avoid surprise breakdowns: An HVAC contractor will inspect the unit for any damaged or worn parts during your service. They’ll then replace and repair as needed. Without this maintenance, the issue will only become worse before resulting in a breakdown. Unfortunately, many homeowners will shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for an emergency repair to avoid being stranded in the cold or heat. Identifying any potential problems ahead of time will reduce the possibility of emergency repairs.
  • Improved air quality: Did you know your HVAC could be putting dust, pollen, dirt, smog and other contaminants into your home? An improperly maintained HVAC will accumulate all of these substances. They are then continuously recycled in and out of your air supply, which your family then breathes in. Inhaling these hazards has a variety of side effects, including allergies, increased asthma issues and chronic cough. A professional HVAC contractor will prevent these issues by thoroughly cleaning your HVAC during your annual maintenance check.
  • Safer: A failing HVAC system could be a safety issue. Carbon monoxide could leak into your home and poison the breathing air if a crack were to develop in the heating exchange. Ignoring an electrical circuit could even result in a deadly fire. Hiring a professional for annual HVAC service can drastically reduce the threat to your family.

Get the most out of your HVAC system by scheduling you annual HVAC service in Altoona, PA with the expert technicians at Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. today. We’ll take every step to ensure your HVAC is ready to go all year long. Call us today to schedule an appointment and enjoy a more efficient, safer and healthier HVAC system this summer!

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