Identifying Duct and Furnace Noises

Identifying Duct and Furnace Noises

August 15, 2017

If you’ve noticed some strange noises coming from your HVAC system, you might be wondering what the problem could be. As it turns out, different noises coming from your ducts and furnace could mean a variety of different things. Keep your HVAC system healthy by identifying the noise you are hearing and contacting a professional provider of repairs for duct work and furnaces in Altoona, PA.

Common duct noises

  • Rattling: If you hear a rattling noise in your ducts, it could be the result of loose metal ducts knocking against each other. This is common in older ducts since the sealings wear down over time, causing loose duct connections.
  • Popping: Banging and popping sounds are commonly caused by temperature changes.
  • Booming: A loud boom might be heard in your ducts because of temperature changes at the connection of the duct trunk and plenum when there are inadequate expansion joints or dampers to isolate the noise.
  • Shaking or vibrating: A drop in pressure, caused by airflow being blocked because of a clogged filter, can cause the duct walls to shake, knock or vibrate.
  • Scratching or buzzing: Scratching, buzzing and humming are all signs that your duct work in Altoona, PA might be home to some unwelcome pests, such as rodents, squirrels or other small creatures.

Common furnace noises

  • Rumbling: A dirty or corroded heat exchanger could cause a rumbling noise in your furnace and might be a sign that it’s time for furnace repair.
  • Puffing: Huffing and puffing is indicative of a faulty or corroded gas valve or burner.
  • Squealing: The blower and blower motor are responsible for many furnace or heat pump noises. If you notice a squealing noise in your furnace, a frayed belt on your blower and blower motor might be to blame. Another possibility is that the blower and housing need to be cleaned and serviced in order to stop the squealing noise.
  • Grinding: If you hear grinding or scraping sounds, it is likely a sign of a more serious problem, like a failing blower motor. It could be that your furnace’s blower motor is simply getting too old and must be replaced, or it is experiencing part failure resulting from poor maintenance. You can avoid this issue by always making sure to service your furnace regularly and take care of any routine maintenance.
  • Knocking: Without a properly installed vibration damper, you are likely to hear all sorts of knocking noises through your duct work in Altoona, PA. The vibration damper prevents the blower compartment or air handler from making knocking noises.

Repairing duct work and furnaces in Altoona, PA

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