How to Prepare Furnaces in Altoona, PA for the Winter Months

How to Prepare Furnaces in Altoona, PA for the Winter Months

October 16, 2017

As the temperature drops, you pull out your winter clothes and start thinking about hot chocolate, snowstorms and holiday plans. Are you also thinking about your furnace? If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think much about your furnace in Altoona, PA until it stops working.

This season, take steps to prevent this from happening. Before you reach for the thermostat to kick-start the heating season, take the following steps:

  • AC inspection: As your air conditioner retires for the year, make sure it’s going out in style. Ask a professional to inspect the AC pressure to identify any leaks that will cause a problem in the spring. Take care of any issues on this side of your HVAC system before you switch over to heating for winter.
  • Thorough cleaning: Furnaces in Altoona, PA will operate more smoothly and efficiently if their components are clean. Remove any debris that has built up in the filters, coils and other parts. This will improve airflow and encourage optimal functioning for the season.
  • Filter replacement: Changing your filter regularly is the easiest and cheapest way to keep your system running smoothly and save on furnace repair in Altoona, PA. Replace the filter every 30 to 90 days, depending on pets, allergies and system usage.
  • Thermostat test: Before the first cold snap hits, test your system. Turn the thermostat to heat to verify that the furnace starts up as expected and runs properly. If it doesn’t, you’ll be happier to discover this now rather than during 30-degree weather.
  • Window winterization: You’ve probably been enjoying fresh breezes and sunshine through open windows and doors. Before you fire up the furnace for winter, make sure all windows and doors are sealed properly. This will prevent wasted energy and unnecessarily high utility bills.
  • Carbon monoxide check: All homeowners are required to have carbon monoxide detectors in place, but these won’t help you if their batteries are dead. As you prep your system for winter, this is a good time to change the batteries and test the detectors for proper operation.
  • Clearance check: Where is your furnace located? Many units sit in the midst of areas that homeowners also use for storage. Is your furnace area cluttered with items? Remove anything from around the base and sides of the unit. Make sure airflow is not obstructed. Clear away any combustible items to protect against fire and store anything flammable in another room.
  • General inspection: Complete an overall inspection of your furnace in Altoona, PA. Look for black soot, loose connections or gaps between components. If anything looks out of place or is cause for concern, contact your HVAC professional to complete a more detailed inspection before you use the furnace for the season.

Completing this checklist will put you ahead of the game as you enter the winter months. These steps will keep your HVAC system operating smoothly and efficiently. If you need assistance with any of these items, your local HVAC specialist can help. The experts at Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. would be happy to perform a full system maintenance check to ensure furnaces in Altoona, PA are ready for the season. Get in touch today for an appointment!

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