Is Your Plumbing Acting Up? Contact Us for Help with Residential Plumbing in Altoona, PA

Is Your Plumbing Acting Up? Contact Us for Help with Residential Plumbing in Altoona, PA

August 15, 2018

As a homeowner, it’s almost a guarantee that at some point you’re going to have problems with your plumbing that require professional residential plumbing services in Altoona, PA. There are many different types of plumbing problems that commonly arise in people’s homes. Here are just a few examples of some of the ones that most frequently lead to people calling for expert assistance:

  • Constant drips: Dripping faucets and showerheads can start off as a nuisance, but they can quickly turn into an expense, as they result in constantly running water that will impact your water bill. There are tools online you can use to calculate just how much a dripping faucet can cost you over time. Fixing the problem stops the annoyance and saves you money.
  • Constantly running toilets: Running toilets can result in up to 200 gallons of wasted water per day—think of how much that will cost you on your water bill! If you have problems with a running toilet, there’s either a leak in your system or a problem with some of the components inside the tank. A plumber can assist with the problem.
  • Poor water pressure: This is a particularly common problem with older homes. Something as simple as swapping out your showerheads or faucets could do the trick, especially if they are old, corroded and/or full of mineral deposits. However, there are other, more serious problems that could be hampering your home’s water pressure that only a professional plumber can address.
  • Leaking pipes: Pipe leaks can occur at any time of year, and can result in a significant amount of water damage if left untreated. Therefore, if you have any leaks in your plumbing, you should make sure you get them repaired immediately. Keep an eye out for any wet spots on the ceiling or the ground—most pipes will leak near the joints.
  • Sump pump problems: After long periods of heavy rain, your sump pump might fail if it’s been forced to work overtime. There are ways you can prevent these types of problems from occurring, but if your sump pump does fail, it’s important you contact a plumber as soon as possible to come in, solve the problem and help you avoid flooding in your home.
  • Water heater problems: When your hot water goes out, you’re going to want to get it fixed as soon as possible, unless you enjoy taking ice cold showers and baths! Water heaters generally last eight to 12 years, so if you have an old water heater, it’s probably going to be time for you to replace it.

These are just a few of the most common examples of plumbing problems in residential homes. If you have been having any issues with leaks, drips, poor water pressure, malfunctioning utilities or other issues in your home, we encourage you to reach out to Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. We are experts in residential plumbing in Altoona, PA, and look forward to helping you enjoy a safe and efficient plumbing system soon!

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