How to Keep Your Gas Lines Safe

How to Keep Your Gas Lines Safe

January 12, 2019

During the winter months, you rely on gas more heavily than during any other time of the year. From cooking up holiday meals to heating your home, you depend on your gas line to deliver a consistent flow of gas to your home’s systems and appliances. Unfortunately, winter weather and conditions can cause major problems for the function of your gas connections and gas-powered appliances. To prevent issues and keep your systems working the way they should this season, make sure to follow some basic winterization and maintenance tips:

  • Clear debris from meters and vents: When it snows, your meter and gas vents can become blocked by snow accumulation. If you don’t clear away snow and other debris regularly, you may experience issues with your system’s operation and suffer damage to your system components. You should inspect your exhaust and intake vents on a regular basis to ensure that they can facilitate proper ventilation throughout your system.
  • Shelter your meter: If you live in an area that gets heavy snowfall during the winter months, you should consider sheltering your meter for added protection. You should avoid using a metal object to cover and shelter your meter, since this can create an environment that promotes rust development and corrosion of the components in your meter and the surrounding system. Instead, purchase or build a shelter from wood, textiles or plastic that’s specifically designed for a gas meter.
  • Keep meters and valves exposed: Your outside meters and valves should never be in direct contact with the soil. Covering even a portion of your meters or valves with soil can create the conditions necessary for corrosion to develop, which may cause lasting damage to your system. You should periodically check your valves and meters to ensure that they haven’t been covered by any debris like fallen leaves or overgrown grass. Clear away the space around your meter on a regular basis for the best results.
  • Maintain gas appliances: While maintaining your gas intake and exhaust system is essential, you should also invest some time into maintaining the appliances and systems in your home that rely on your gas supply. Winter is a great time to take care of routine maintenance and handle any repairs that you need to get your appliances into the best working condition possible. Investing in furnace repair in Altoona, PA from a professional technician can help you feel confident that you can keep your home comfortable all winter long.

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