Common Signs of Heating Repair Issues

Common Signs of Heating Repair Issues

January 22, 2020

Winter has arrived in west central Pennsylvania, which means it’s time to think about heating maintenance in Altoona, PA (if you haven’t already). As the coldest days are still to come, you want to be proactive about addressing any issues with your heater so it doesn’t fail at the wrong time. Heating repair in Altoona, PA is not only an issue of comfort, but also an issue of safety.

If you notice any of the following issues with your heater, it’s time to call an HVAC professional for heating repair in Altoona, PA.

Your utility bill is suspiciously high

Your bills will naturally be higher during the months that you’re running your heat. If you notice your bills seem outrageously higher, that’s a sign that your heater is working too hard. When you pay attention, you’ll likely notice one of the other symptoms on this list. Calling for HVAC repair is much more cost effective than running a heater that isn’t working all day.

You hear weird sounds

All heaters make some sound when running, but you should notice when it’s making a noise that’s out of the ordinary. If you hear any humming, groaning, buzzing, rattling, banging or other strange sound, it’s likely a sign of a problem. If the noises start when the unit starts and stop when it stops, there’s a good chance the heater is the culprit.

You notice weak airflow

If you’re noticing that the air coming from the vents is weak, there may be a problem with the fan or a blockage somewhere in the system. Either issue makes it more difficult for warm air to circulate throughout your home enough to sufficiently heat your space.

The home just isn’t warm enough

The whole point of running a heater is to keep you warm. If your unit is on but you aren’t warming up, your heater requires some attention. You may notice cool air coming from the vents, or the air may be warm, but not as warm as the thermostat indicates. Your unit is working harder to heat your home, and that inefficiency is costing you money.

The furnace doesn’t start at all

If the furnace doesn’t start at all, you need to be concerned about a larger safety issue. This could indicate a gas leak, a malfunctioning ignition or another issue that puts your home in danger. Your unit is designed to prevent your furnace from turning on in case of a safety issue. This prevents further damage by running the unit and also alerts you to the problem. You must address the issue quickly to keep your home safe and to return your heater to proper working order.

It’s important to keep your heater in good shape to get you through the harsh winter months. For more information about heating maintenance in Altoona, PA, contact the team at Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. today. We’ve been serving area customers for over 40 years and can identify and address any issues with your heating and cooling system.

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