Prepping Your AC Unit for Winter

Prepping Your AC Unit for Winter

January 8, 2020

Just because the cold weather months have arrived doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about your air conditioning unit until next summer. Winter heating in Altoona, PA also requires taking care of your AC unit. Year-round maintenance will keep your unit in tip-top shape so you won’t be stuck with a broken unit when the heat arrives.

Follow these tips to ensure your outdoor AC in Altoona, PA will survive the harsh winter months and be ready to cool you off come summertime.

Clean the AC unit

No matter the season, you should be periodically cleaning your AC unit. Doing so ensures the unit doesn’t get clogged. Make sure your AC unit is clear of any grass, leaves or other debris that might prevent it from operating smoothly. Grab the hose to rinse away any dirt or other grime. Ensure the unit dries properly. This regular maintenance will go far in keeping your unit clean in all seasons.

Visually inspect the AC unit

While you’re cleaning your AC unit, perform a visual inspection. Look for any cracks or rust in the casing and seals. Check for signs of leakage or other irregularities. If you see something that looks off, contact your local HVAC expert on winter heating in Altoona, PA.

Power off your AC unit

Turning off your AC unit during the months you won’t be using it is important for several reasons. It lessens the risk of electrocution while performing other maintenance tasks. It also saves you money in case the unit kicks on during an unseasonably warm day.

This is a simple task you can handle yourself. Locate your AC unit’s exterior power circuit, which should be mounted to the side of your house. Lift the cover to locate the switch. Flip the switch to the “OFF” position and reclose the lid.

Cover the AC unit

Place a waterproof cover over your unit to insulate the unit and to prevent any cracking and protect it from debris. You can pick up a cover that fits your outdoor AC in Altoona, PA from your local hardware store or order one online. A waterproof tarp secured with bungee cords is also a suitable solution. Whatever keeps your unit insulated and dry!

Insulate your AC unit’s pipes

Insulation keeps pipes and wires from freezing, which helps prevent cracking. Cover any exposed pipes and wiring with foam pipe covers. Make sure to cover any pipes and wiring that lead into your home. Duct tape will help the pipe covers stay in place.

Check the AC unit regularly

Once a week, check on your AC unit. Sweep away any twigs, leaves or other debris. Visually inspect the unit for cracks. If you have a cover and pipe insulation, check that these are still in place.

Air conditioner maintenance is necessary beyond the months you’re using it. Regular maintenance will extend the life of your unit. For more information about winter heating in Altoona, PA, contact our team at Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. today.

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