What Should I Do with My Furnace During Summer?

What Should I Do with My Furnace During Summer?

July 6, 2020

It’s summer, so your furnace is probably the last thing on your mind. With temperatures rising, you’re probably not going to need your furnace for at least several months, at the earliest, but that doesn’t mean you should put it completely out of mind. Knowing what to do with your furnace during summer in Altoona, PA will help keep it in great shape so that it’s ready to go when the autumn chill sets in.

Schedule your annual maintenance

This is a great time to schedule your annual furnace maintenance—most people don’t need to turn on the heat during the summer, so the appointment and any repairs won’t prevent you from staying warm. You’ll also rest easier knowing your furnace has already been inspected and it’ll be ready to run at the first sign of temperatures dropping. Take one thing off your fall to-do list—”future you” will thank you!

Decide whether you might need heat during the summer

Even though most of us won’t be touching that heater until October or November, not all houses are created the same. Older and historic homes tend to have poor insulation, which can mean that overnight temperatures may seem downright chilly. If you think you’ll need heat overnight during the summer months, we suggest programming your thermostat to do the job—set it to turn on only if your home reaches 50 degrees or lower.

Alternatively, you could use space heaters to fight overnight chill, but make sure that you follow all safety directions to the letter, as they are fire hazards when used improperly.

Let your system hibernate

Finally, you should make sure to let your system hibernate or fully shut down during the summer. Simply turning some systems off or programming the thermostat so it won’t turn on may allow your furnace to drain gas or electricity.

For gas furnaces with a pilot light, this is a matter of shutting off gas to the furnace (not the whole house) and letting the pilot light go out. (Letting the pilot light run over the summer could add an extra $50 to your annual gas bill.)

Gas furnaces with electric ignitions don’t need to be shut off at the valve, unless you’re going on vacation—in that case, it’s safer to turn off gas to the whole house.

Electric furnaces should be turned off or programmed not to come on unless your home gets chilly overnight—however, they can still use trace amounts of electricity while not in use. Shut down the circuit to that part of the house to ensure your furnace is not using phantom power over the summer—just remember to flip the breaker when the temperatures start to dip once more.

Now that you have a better idea of what to do with your furnace during the summer in Altoona, PA, be sure to call Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to schedule your annual maintenance checkup. We look forward to helping your home stay comfortable and efficient all year long.

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