Signs Your Home's AC Compressor Is Going Out

Signs Your Home’s AC Compressor Is Going Out

September 14, 2020

You’d be forgiven if you weren’t intimately acquainted with the inner workings of your home’s air conditioning system. It takes extensive education to learn about the various components that run your home’s AC setup. You don’t have to know how to fix these parts—that’s the job of your local HVAC contractors in Altoona, PA—but you should at least have some idea of how to spot trouble when it happens.

Arguably the most critical part of any HVAC system is the compressor. This component’s job is to circulate the refrigerant that keeps your home cool during the hottest days of the year. As a result, when your compressor begins to fail, severe issues can crop up. Here’s how to tell if your compressor needs professional attention.

Irregular heat release

Most home HVAC systems are split into two parts: an indoor unit and a connected outdoor unit. This outdoor unit’s job is to release the excess heat captured in your home. When the outdoor unit is releasing either too much or too little heat, it could be a sign that the compressor is failing to regulate heat properly.

Weird noises

If you’re standing next to your outdoor unit and the AC turns on, you should hear a smooth clicking noise followed by the whir of the fan getting up to speed. If you hear any other noises, like popping, banging, clicking or growling, you could have some severe problems on your hands.

Your circuit breaker keeps tripping

If you notice that running your HVAC system for prolonged periods leads to your circuit breaker tripping repeatedly, it could be a sign that your compressor is overheating or having trouble regulating its power intake. Either one of these issues could lead to a tripped circuit and a loss of power in your home.

Puddles around your unit

Another sign that local HVAC contractors in Altoona, PA will have you look out for are puddles near your outdoor AC unit. These spots of moisture could indicate a refrigerant leak either in your compressor or at some point throughout your HVAC system.

Diminished performance

Another sign that your compressor is about to go is diminished performance in your HVAC system. If your air conditioning system is blowing warm or lukewarm air, or if you notice that the air isn’t blowing as powerfully as it should, be it’s another warning sign of compressor failure.

Your HVAC pros

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