Signs Your Heating System Is Starting to Fail

Signs Your Heating System Is Starting to Fail

January 12, 2021

If it’s properly maintained, a heating system can last up to 15 years without needing to be replaced. Fortunately, most heaters don’t just up and quit out of nowhere—there are several signs that your furnace needs to be replaced or fixed by a local furnace repair service in Altoona, PA. This post will cover a few of the top signs that you need a new heating system.

System age

Your system might not present any signs of failure, but if it’s getting old, you should start saving up for a new one. A well-maintained system typically lasts for 12 to 15 years—after that, all bets are off. Although a new heating system isn’t cheap, it will be more energy efficient and eco-friendly!

Heating bill

Have you noticed your energy bills slowly getting more expensive? This could be due to the age of your system. Heating systems tend to get less energy efficient as time goes on, steadily costing more and more to heat your home each month. Calling for annual maintenance can help lower your bills, but replacing the unit is your best bet.

Multiple repairs

Calls to your local furnace repair service in Altoona, PA shouldn’t be frequent, especially if you get an annual tune-up. Needing repairs multiple times in a season is a sign that your unit should probably be replaced. While there is a large upfront cost, buying a new system will save you a ton of money on repair bills.

Pilot light color

The pilot light for a gas heating system should always burn a bright blue color. If the flame is flickering or yellowish in color, it’s a sign that the gas isn’t burning completely or that the heater is producing high levels of carbon monoxide. Have your system repaired or replaced as soon as possible to avoid serious health consequences.

Sick family members

If your family members are frequently ill for no apparent reason, carbon monoxide could be to blame. Flu-like symptoms, including headaches, nausea and lightheadedness, are signs of low levels of carbon monoxide in your home. Call your HVAC technician to make repairs or replace your system—this problem won’t go away on its own, and it’ll only get worse over time.

Cold spots in your home

If some rooms in your home are colder than others, your heating system obviously isn’t doing its job. Older furnaces and boilers may lose their capacity to adequately heat certain rooms, leading to an uncomfortable environment for you and your family. Call to have your heating system replaced and stay toasty all season long.

Loud noises

Your heating system will always make a little bit of noise while it’s running, but loud banging, hissing, clicking, popping or squeaking are all cause for concern. Your HVAC pro might be able to make some repairs to address these noises, but replacement could be a better option if your system is old.

Let Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. install your new heating system

Trying to install a new furnace yourself could lead to injuries or an improperly functioning system. Along with being a qualified local furnace repair service in Altoona, PA, our team specializes in new system installation. Contact Caporuscio Plumbing & Heating Inc. today to get a quote for repairs or installation services.

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