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Signs Your Heating System Is Starting to Fail

January 12, 2021

If it’s properly maintained, a heating system can last up to 15 years without needing to be replaced. Fortunately, most heaters don’t just up and quit out of nowhere—there are several signs that your furnace needs to be replaced or fixed by a local furnace repair service in Altoona, PA. This post will cover a few of the top signs that you need a new heating system. System age Your system might not present any signs of failure, but if it’s getting old, you should start saving up for a new one. A well-maintained system typically lasts for 12 to... View Article

The Most Common HVAC Scams to Watch Out For

December 29, 2020

For every few dozen trustworthy HVAC contractors out there, there are bound to be one or two companies who are less than reputable. In addition to giving reliable HVAC companies in Altoona, PA a bad name, these scam artists hurt customers by cheating them out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The good news is that spotting a scammer before they can pull one over on you isn’t all that difficult with our help. Continue reading to learn a few of the top lines scam artists are known to tell their potential victims. “We replaced the broken part—it should... View Article

Different Ways Your Dirty Air Ducts Are Affecting Your Family’s Health

December 7, 2020

Now that the heating season is upon us, it’s a smart time to think about HVAC maintenance. While you might not spend much time thinking about your HVAC system, it’s important to invest some time and energy into routine maintenance services to ensure it’s working as safely, effectively and efficiently as possible. One of the most important things to invest in for your HVAC system is local duct cleaning services in Altoona, PA. Keep reading to learn why these services are so important for you and your family. What’s inside dirty ductwork? A lot of people know that duct cleaning... View Article

Follow This Guide to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Boiler

November 23, 2020

Boilers are essential to keeping heating systems running effectively throughout the winter months, but not all of them offer the same level of performance. Over time, boilers naturally wear out and begin to exhibit signs of damage and mechanical malfunction. Sometimes, these issues can be resolved with some basic repairs, but there are other situations in which it’s better to replace the boiler entirely. Keep reading to learn more about how to decide between boiler replacement and honest boiler repairs in Altoona, PA. When is it time for boiler replacement? Every boiler requires maintenance or repairs from time to time,... View Article

Important Qualities to Look For When Selecting an HVAC Repair Service

November 8, 2020

Picking a contractor to take care of your home’s heating and cooling systems is no small task. You want to make sure they have the right mix of experience, track record and references to get the job done right every time. Most people rely on a mixture of word of mouth and their own online research to start pointing themselves in the right direction, but there are some other simple tactics to use. With a little legwork, you can feel confident you’re picking the best HVAC service and heating equipment dealers in Altoona, PA. Certifications and Accreditations First, be sure... View Article

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