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The Pros and Cons of Wood, Linoleum and Tile Flooring

March 14, 2019

If you are planning to have flooring installed during a bathroom or kitchen remodel, there will be countless material options for you to sort through. The way you want your floor to look and feel and how much you want to spend will all play a role in the final decision you make. It can be difficult to determine which option is truly best for your project, which is why your local residential plumbing experts in Altoona, PA are here to help discuss the pros and cons of three of the most popular material options for your bathroom or kitchen... View Article

Tips to Protect Your AC Unit in the Winter

February 28, 2019

Even though it might be awhile before you need to employ your air conditioner again, you must still make sure that your unit is well taken care of even when it is not in use. To do this, it is important to find the right balance so that your air conditioner has the space needed to ventilate properly, while still being covered and protected. Fortunately, your local HVAC specialist in Altoona, PA is here with some tips on the best ways to protect your air conditioning unit this winter. Protection against the elements Your outside air conditioning unit is designed... View Article

Four Signs It’s Time for a New Hot Water Heater in Altoona, PA

February 14, 2019

Sooner or later, your home’s major appliances will begin to break down and need repair or replacement if you live in the same place long enough. The hot water heater is no exception, especially when the daily strain that is placed on this appliance is taken into account. Here are four signs to be on the lookout for that might be telling you that it’s time for a new hot water heater in Altoona, PA: Strange noises: Under normal circumstances, your water heater shouldn’t make any noise during operation. If you are hearing rumbling or banging coming from inside, the... View Article

The True Value of Replacing Your HVAC System in Altoona, PA

January 31, 2019

Homeowners who intend to move and sell their homes in the near future are always looking for unique ways to add value. Updating the aesthetic appeal of your house will only go so far, and more practical upgrades such as a new HVAC system in Altoona, PA will be needed to set your home apart from the rest in a competitive market. Read on to learn how investing in a new HVAC system can add value to your home! Increase the value of your home HVAC systems that are more than 10 years old are only going to continue to... View Article

How to Keep Your Gas Lines Safe

January 12, 2019

During the winter months, you rely on gas more heavily than during any other time of the year. From cooking up holiday meals to heating your home, you depend on your gas line to deliver a consistent flow of gas to your home’s systems and appliances. Unfortunately, winter weather and conditions can cause major problems for the function of your gas connections and gas-powered appliances. To prevent issues and keep your systems working the way they should this season, make sure to follow some basic winterization and maintenance tips: Clear debris from meters and vents: When it snows, your meter... View Article

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