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What to Expect When Having Your Backflow Preventer Inspected

March 14, 2020

It’s always important to do everything you can to avoid backflow and all of the problems that come with it. Any time you have non-potable water that flows back into the public water supply, this becomes a major health risk. You need to have a backflow prevention device installed on your irrigation system to prevent backflow from occurring. It’s important to regularly test your system for backflow, and to have your backflow inspection conducted by a certified technician in Altoona, PA. But what exactly do these inspection appointments entail? Here’s a quick overview of what you can expect when you... View Article

What You Should Know About Backflow Prevention

February 29, 2020

Smart irrigation design is crucial for ensuring the long-term health of your plants and landscaping, as well as for your own health. If you have a properly designed irrigation system, it will make sure the water for landscaping stays separate from the water you’re using for drinking, which will prevent contamination that could result in sickness. For this reason, it’s crucial to have a backflow preventer if you have an irrigation system in place in Altoona, PA. Here’s a quick overview of backflow preventers, how they work and why they’re beneficial. All about backflow prevention Irrigation systems are required under... View Article

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