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How to Unclog the Toilet Like an Expert!

June 13, 2018

Clogging a toilet is everyone’s worst bathroom nightmare—especially if you’re a guest at someone else’s home! The worst part is that some clogs aren’t even your fault—they’re the result of poor plumbing in Altoona, PA or a problem with an older toilet. Regardless of why the toilet clogs up, it’s on you to fix it. Continue reading to learn how to be a hero and quickly unclog a toilet: Stop the bowl from filling up: The biggest danger when a toilet clogs up isn’t the bad smell or embarrassment of clogging the toilet—it’s the chance that the toilet might overflow!... View Article

When Should I Call for HVAC Repair in Altoona, PA?

May 30, 2018

Despite your best efforts and having your unit inspected by a professional each year, your HVAC system can still start to fail. Luckily, HVAC systems typically don’t just stop working all of a sudden—there are usually several signs that something is amiss and your unit needs HVAC repair in Altoona, PA. We know you’re not an expert in the HVAC field, so continue reading to learn a few of the signs that you need to give us a call to come fix your system: It won’t turn on: You obviously need to call a professional for help if your system... View Article

How You Can Save on Energy While Still Keeping Warm: Tips for Your HVAC in Altoona, PA

January 31, 2018

During the cold winter months, you might be reluctant to crank up the heat, as you don’t want to have to pay the extra costs on your utility bill. However, there are plenty of energy saving strategies you can employ while also staying plenty comfortable during the winter months. Here are a few tips from our team of HVAC professionals: Compromise on thermostat setting: Maybe you don’t crank the thermostat up quite as high as you’d like, but still keep it at a reasonably high setting to where you can still be comfortable in your own home. Keeping the thermostat... View Article

Six Great Reasons to Insulate Your Home

October 2, 2017

Are you ready for Jack Frost’s next visit? And more importantly, is your home? As the squirrels gather their food and the bears prepare to hibernate, are you taking the proper actions to get yourself, your home and your HVAC in Altoona, PA ready for winter? Homeowners should take their cue from these animals and take steps to insulate against the coming cold. Properly insulated, you’ll be better prepared for winter and enjoy a host of other benefits. In fact, there are six great reasons to insulate your home: To save money: A lack of insulation can send your utility... View Article

Common Concerns People Have Before Purchasing a New Air Conditioner

July 1, 2017

On those hot days where the heat makes it impossible for you to enjoy any activity, you will probably be willing to do anything you can to keep cool. Although many people are quick to run out and buy an AC to help them cool off, there are others who are torn between buying an AC and just dealing with the heat because of the many concerns they have about purchasing a new unit. There are numerous reasons to question whether buying an AC is the right move, but there are some factors people consider more important than others. People... View Article

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