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Use Your HVAC in Altoona, PA a Little Less: Five Ways to Save Air Conditioner Energy During the Warmer Months

June 1, 2016

Air conditioning has evolved for the better over the years, such as with its ability to provide maximum comfort with the convenience of indoor controls. But it’s important to treat your A/C right to ensure its quality for years of use. With that in mind, if you’re looking for ways to use your HVAC in Altoona, PA a little less this season, take a look at these five ways to save air conditioner energy during the warmer months: Install ceiling fans: Fans, whether ceiling or portable, are not meant to replace air conditioners. Instead, install ceiling fans to circulate the... View Article

Indoor Air Quality, OSHA Compliance and Your Commercial HVAC in Altoona, PA

March 15, 2016

Are your employees suffering from headaches, eye irritation or fatigue? If so, your air quality might not be up to OSHA standards. Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) causes these symptoms as well as other issues such as lung irritation and problems with concentration. Temperature control, ventilation and humidity control all affect this air quality. Your HVAC in Altoona, PA plays a huge role in these factors. To ensure your workers’ safety, stay on top of HVAC maintenance and repair. Adhere to standards OSHA standards dictate that employers must provide their workers with an environment that does not pose a risk... View Article

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